The following types of pets are allowed in Grand Hotel Moika 22:

  1. Decorative and small dog breeds. Weight should not be more than 8kg.
  2. Guide and service dogs.

Only one pet per room is allowed at the Hotel.

Pets are only allowed if a guest has provided standardised documents from the veterinary services that meet the requirements of the main air and railway carriers and the legislation of the Russian Federation. Grand Hotel Moika 22 has the right to request this information at any time.

Hound, and attack dogs, and dogs without standardised veterinary documents are strictly prohibited.

The cost of accommodation per day per pet is RUB 2,000. Guide & Service dogs are accommodated free of charge.

In case of additional cleaning and disinfection of the room, the Hotel has the rights to charge a fee of RUB 10, 000.

Pets are not allowed in the dining areas (including bar, restaurants, tea room and their surroundings and spaces), and spa areas. The exception is guide dogs and service dogs.

Pets are not allowed to be left unattended by the owners in the Hotel room, in the lobby, or in other Hotel grounds.

In all public places, the dogs must be kept on a leash or held with the hands of the owner at all times.

It is not permitted to wash pets in the bathroom or shower of the room, or to use towels, sheets or other bedding belonging to the Hotel.

It is not permitted to comb pets in the Hotel room.

The guest has to remove the pet from the room in order for the staff to clean the room.

The guest has to have bowls for food and water, and sleeping mats and waste bags.

In case of damage being done to Hotel property by the pet, those damages are to be compensated for by the pet’s owner.

The Hotel reserves the right to refuse a guest if their pet’s appearance or behaviour breaks any of the set rules.

The Hotel reserves the right to break the contract with the guest if any of these rules are broken and or if the pet is loud, aggressive or unmanageable.

It is permitted to stay at the Hotel only with one pet.

Disabled people are allowed to stay at the Hotel with their service dog.

The guest is obliged to familiarise himself with the “Rules for guests with pets” and put a signature confirming agreement with these rules.

The final decision on registration is made on the condition that the documents are drawn up in accordance with the established procedure (veterinary passport, health certificate of a unified sample, etc.) and on the condition of payment of the cost of accommodation for a living animal. Fees are charged at check-in.