Kamchatka Crab Salad has been a Signature dish of Grand Hotel Moika 22 since its opening in 2006.

The unique Grand Hotel Moika 22 recipe is made to bring out the best of the main ingredient – the finest meat of the Kamchatka crab - and highlight its taste by well matching components, such as avocado, Lollo Rosso lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chives, celery, olive and sunflower oil, curry, lemon and lime, etc. Simple in preparation, Kamchatka Crab Salad is perfect as a starter. However, it can be a main course dish for a light lunch or be served as an appetizer for an extensive six-course gala dinner.

Grand Hotel Moika 22 guests have acknowledged the exquisite taste and high quality of the dish, its unique recipe and the top culinary skills of the hotel’s chefs by ordering the Kamchatka Crab Salad again and again over the years. For many guests, it has become a favorite dish that can highlight an important occasion or create a holiday mood on a weekday.

Kamchatka Crab Salad is served in the Bellevue Restaurant, Von Witte Bar, the Room Service menu and banquet menu.