Tea Room Main Photo


After leisurely walks along the Moika embankment or a visit to the Hermitage, now there is a café where you can spend your time comfortably, discussing masterpieces that have been seen while drinking a cup of tea in beautiful snow-white porcelain.

The interior of the Tea Lounge is an absolute timeless classic: a harmonious combination of a collection of European antique paintings and furniture from traditional Russian factories, the products of which are included in the new collection for Axenoff Home (which can be purchased right here) by jeweller Petr Aksenov.

Combine your gatherings with family or friends at an elegant table in the Tea Lounge with tasting a delicious Russian or English tea ceremony which is, in our opinion, the perfect way to spend time together.

Indulge in trays of the Russian’s reimagined favourite tastes familiar from childhood (potato cake, anthill with raspberries, curd cheese with caramel, blueberry profiterole, honey cake with buckwheat honey, cheesecake with cherries and apple pie) as well as light snacks (profiterole with red caviar, sandwich with tongue and blueberries, tartlet with chicken pâté, raisins and hazelnuts, and baguette with gravlax salmon).